CPR Training

Foxwall provides life-saving CPR training to the community, helping people learn how to respond to choking and cardiac arrest.  Actions in the first few minutes are critical, and you could save a life!

Individuals can sign up for a course through the Fox Chapel Area School District Adult Education program.  To schedule a course for your group or organization, contact us directly.

Course Offerings

The following classes are available, following the American Heart Association curriculum:

Heartsaver CPR is a 4 hour course, providing instruction in CPR for adults, infants and children, use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and first aid for choking.   This course is appropriate for lifeguards, babysitters, camp counselors, workplace first aid providers, teachers, and any person interested in learning basic life saving techniques.

BLS for Healthcare Providers is a 4 hour course for Healthcare professionals (EMTs, doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.). Topics include CPR (1 and 2-rescuer), foreign body airway obstruction, and use of an AED.

We also offer First Aid classes.

Please make sure you pick the right class. Most life guards, camp counselors and personal trainers need the Heartsaver CPR course only.   If you are training to work in a health care environment, you probably need BLS for Healthcare Providers.


Class fees are:

  • $30 per person for a course taught at the Foxwall station.
  • $40 per person for a course taught at another location.

These fees cover the cost of training equipment, DVDs and completion cards.

Cancellation Policy

Foxwall requires a minimum of 4 students for each CPR class.  If the required number of students have not registered and paid by the above deadlines, Foxwall reserves the right to cancel the class.  Registered students will be notified of the cancellation and may either register for a different class or receive a full refund.

Should a student not show up for a class for which he/she is registered, the class payment is non-refundable.

Completion Cards

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a course completion card. Your cards will be mailed to you (for individuals) or to your group representative (for group classes).  Completion cards may take up to 6 weeks from the date of the class to arrive. If you need a card by a specific deadline, plan ahead.  We get the cards from the AHA and have no control over how fast they arrive.