Emergency Emergency

Originally printed in the Winchester Thurston School Newsletter – WT Today – Winter 2003

Tom Moore ’04 and Winston Posvar ’04 began volunteering with an Emergency Medical Service in the fall of 2002, and last summer were certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. Now each volunteers 12 hours or more a month with two different Emergency Medical Services that cover Sharpsburg, Etna, Indianola, and other communities north of the Allegheny River. After a few more hours of volunteering, both of these students will be qualified to attend patients.

Tom and Winston enjoyed the six-month EMT certification class, which covered the basics of CPR, splinting, patient assessment, and treatment. “The certification process was tough,” Tom notes. He has always wanted to be an EMT and is interested in a career in medicine. He plans to work for a campus EMS while he attends college. “In front of evaluators we had to take a pretend patient’s vital signs, put him on a back board, and begin a mock treatment.”

“I’ve learned so much from my fellow EMTs,” says Winston, who plans to go on to medical school. “I remember one case in particular, when we answered the call that a four-year-old boy had broken his leg. I was so impressed by the way my partners handled the situation, getting the boy to stop crying while they stabilized his leg.

“There are cases, like cardiac arrests, where people’s lives are in my hands – where an EMT can really make the difference between life and death. You don’t hope for that call, but you know that there’s something you can do if it comes. Sometimes this is overwhelming, but I know that I can handle it. I want to continue to work for my community and my country with whatever skills I can by being part of the infrastructure of support through medicine.”

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