In 1976, a tragedy in the Fox Chapel Borough was the catalyst for exploring the creation of an Emergency Medical Service in the area.   Many municipalities in the Fox Chapel Area already had ambulance services affiliated with their volunteer fire departments. Fox Chapel and Aspinwall did not, and Foxwall EMS was born.

Old Foxwall Ambulances, circa. 2000

Foxwall began operations on March 10, 1979 with a crew of approximately 70 volunteers and an ambulance on loan.  Its first emergency call was for chest pain and shortness of breath on Field Club Road.

The original Foxwall base was beneath what was then the Fox Chapel police station, in one of the municipal public works garages that was shared with a salt truck. The facility included a small room with a desk, typewriter, radio system, daybed, chair and a television.

In February 1981, a new building for Foxwall EMS was dedicated, located next to the Fox Chapel Borough Building.  Foxwall remained in that base until 2007, when a new base was constructed on Squaw Run Road to make room for the Cooper-Siegel Community Library.

Today, Foxwall remains one of the few primarily-volunteer ambulance services in Western Pennsylvania.  With two Advanced Life Support ambulances and a crew of dedicated medical responders, Foxwall is well-equipped to provide the best possible care to its communities.