A New Home

By: Foxwall EMS Board of Directors
PITTSBURGH, May 23rd 2006

Foxwall Emergency Medical Service, the pre-hospital emergency response team serving the greater Aspinwall, Blawnox and Fox Chapel communities, will be moving to a new facility in 2006. Founded in 1978, Foxwall EMS has operated from its base at 403 Fox Chapel Rd. as a non-municipally funded, non-fire department related volunteer service, saving the neighboring boroughs millions in revenue during the past 28 years of operation.

Property donated by a former Fox Chapel resident with construction generously funded by the Borough of Fox Chapel will now enable the service to move to a new facility at the corner of Squaw Run and Hunt Roads. The site, located less than one mile from the current base, is a central location that will allow for continued rapid emergency response to the neighboring communities. Construction is scheduled to begin in May of 2006 with an expected completion date of October of 2006. The new facility will enable Foxwall EMS to provide a greater variety of public safety classes and activities. Over the years, the service has provided free flu shots, CPR classes and many other public safety training and awareness opportunities for residents. Foxwall will now also be able to provide regularly scheduled continuing educational courses for local EMS, fire and police personnel.

As Foxwall EMS continues to grow in 2006, so do its needs for qualified volunteer staff. Certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and emergency medical technician paramedics (EMT-Ps) willing to take on the pre-hospital needs of one of Pennsylvania’s only remaining volunteer emergency services should contact us.  Foxwall EMS will also underwrite education and training for those willing to commit to the responsibility of community public safety.

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